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Suzhou Time Transport Co., Ltd (TIME TRANSPORT) was founded in 2010, which is a class international freight agent company approved by MOFTEC and CAAC. BOB LEE, the general manager of TIME TRANSPORT, based on ten years experience in the logistics and solid financial strength, decided to establish a China domestic expert transportation.


For ensuring customer space availability, service quality and an extensive number of destinations, TIME TRANSPORT has established close partnership with 60-plus airline companies and more than 100 overseas agents, with services stretching to the entire globe, to provide the customers with the best airline import and export freight forwarding services. As part of this new strategy TIME TRANSPORT is developing an IT platform that will enable the provision of modern logistics services including customs brokerage,commodity inspection, carrier booking, EDI with international logistics partners, insurance, the magnetic test and carriers. This new IT platform will enable TIME TRANSPORT to provide track and trace and event management in its transportation and freight operations.

TIME TRANSPORT provides ¡°3 service guarantees at 3 levels¡±. The service guarantees are; security, on-time delivery, quick and painless settlement of claims. The 3 levels are; high-quality, high-tech and high value-added. We will provide the customers with the following items: Express service; delivery service; GPS positioned transportation; large freight transportation; delivery by air cushion vehicle; settle-in service.

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